The Gorn Space Command was the military arm of the Gorn Hegemony. The Gorn fleet was small compared to that of the Romulan Guard, but of high–quality ships. In the early 23rd century, the Gorn ships had relatively few heavy weapons. This was adequate against the sublight Romulan ships, but proved inadequate against warp–capable KRs. The Gorns refitted their ships with more and heavier plasma torpedoes, greatly increasing their combat power.

All Gorn ships had a Federation reporting name, a sort of “nickname” by which it could be cited in reports and studies. These names were dinosaur or reptilian species from ancient Earth history, a fact that many Gorns found thoroughly amusing. (TOS video game: Starfleet Command)

The Gorn Space Command fought during Operation Telenoes. (RIS Bouteina: "Distress Call")

The manual for Starfleet Command refers to the Gorn state as the Gorn Confederation but, as ENT states it is the Gorn Hegemony, it has been applied to this case.

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