Star Trek Expanded Universe
When the Rocinanté lands on a small colony planet, Gromit gives West the slip, but when the Klingon authorities find out there's a tribble in their midst, all heck breaks loose!


Bottle In Front of Me[]

Absalom West is feeling miserable after he and Maxine Vasser broke up, so he is drowning his sorrows in booze and telling his fellow bar patrons a story of when he and Max were still together...

The SS Rocinanté has landed on the Klingon colony planet Kol'chak. West heads off to the see if he can scare up some work, while Max is left behind to babysit Gromit, who has been acting extremely cantankerously. Gromit promptly escapes and Max gives chase, but a Klingon animal control officer catches Gromit, who is acting viciously, and takes him to the processing center.

Frontal Lobotomy[]

West goes to visit Gromit in his cage at the processing center to comfort him, but Gromit tries to bite West. Shortly thereafter, Gromit escapes again, and West and Max give chase, knowing they might have to kill Gromit if he has turned wild. They find Gromit at a secret hideout where the Klingon animal control officer has caged up hundreds of other pets. The Klingon is knocked unconscious, and the pets are rescued, which is all Gromit was trying to do in the first place. No one in the bar believes West, as usual.


  • This story is a blatant rip-off of the Due South episode "The Wild Bunch". Gromit himself was inspired by Fraser's half dog/half wolf Diefenbaker.