Harrison was a 23rd century Starfleet technician (first class) serving aboard the starship USS Enterprise under command of Captain James T. Kirk. During Kirk's first five-year mission in the 2260s, Harrison was qualified in many areas of specialized Starfleet service in multiple divisions, played a part of many of the ship's missions, and eventually reached the grade of lieutenant. (Star Trek: The Original Series)

By the early 2270s, Harrison had been promoted to lieutenant commander and served full time in the medical department, as a pathologist. (USS Enterprise Officer's Manual)

Orion Press continuity treats the bridge officer seen in TOS: "Space Seed", and the pathologist to whom McCoy speaks (TOS: "The Naked Time"), as two different characters. The technician's given name was unrevealed, but the pathologist was named John, presumably after the actor John Bellah. (Orion Press: Lexicon G-H, 2010 revision)

Duty jacketEdit

Yellow (TOS) Crewman 2260s Assigned as technician aboard USS Enterprise(NCC-1701)
Red (TOS)
Blue (TOS)
LT (TOS).png
Yellow (TOS).png
LCDR Sleeve (TMP).png
Cream Sleeve (TMP).png
Lieutenant Commander 2270s Assigned as pathologist aboard USS Enterprise(NCC-1701)
LCDR Shoulder (TMP).png
Light Green Shoulder (TMP).png


Harrison was a fairly prolific TOS extra character, played by Ron Veto. Harrison's name was mentioned in "Space Seed" as the camera panned over Ron Veto. The other use of his name, in "The Naked Time", did not show Veto when the reference was made, and featured a communications response that was dubbed over laughter voiced by John Bellah. Seeing as Harrison was seen later in that episode, unaffected, its likely that the voice wasn't Harrison's at all, but rather Bellah's unnamed "laughing crewman" character intercepting his call. Harrison is one of only a few Starfleet personnel to wear the colors of all three divisions (sciences blue, operations red and command gold) in his various appearances.

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