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A Tragic loss on board the USS Intrepid NCC-1738.


The USS Intrepid NCC-1738 on a standard landing party mission loses one of her top and most beloved officers.

Memorable quotes[]

"Ari, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you; congratulations, you are the Intrepid's new Executive Officer. I've already informed your yeoman and you start as of right now"
Captain Serek giving the promotion news to Commander Aristotle Enfield.
"Captain and Ari, of you are playing this tape I am either dead or missing. First off I would like to say it has been a pleasure serving with both of you and to be able to call you both friends. Ari, when you first came on board I had to re-adjust your attitude but ever since our little talk you have not only become an asset to the ship but a good and close friend. I remember all the working meals as well as rec room times to clear our heads. I have enjoyed every minute of your presence on board this ship as well as the shore leaves we had. Serek, oh captain, my captain. You have been my dearest and closest friend in and out of the service. We have served on many a ship together, enjoyed researching in the lab as well as all the times you let me talk while you patiently listened. You have been the rock I needed when there were none. I value what we had and have for all these years and it is a pleasure serving as your Number One, After all that, all I will say is, I will miss you and love you both. Take care."
Commander Mercedes Underwood's last will to both Captain Serek and Commander Enfiled.


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