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"Heavy Lies the Crown" is the original pilot episode of the Star Trek: Intrepid fan film series. It is set several years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and follows a Starfleet crew and their efforts to colonize a distant sector of the galaxy.


With the dust of the Dominion War finally settling, a group of Federation citizens have chosen to strike out on their own and colonise a world in the distant Charybdis sector. Unwilling to permit civilians to travel into the wilderness without suitable protection, Starfleet has assigned the USS Intrepid to ride shotgun and provide assistance as needed. A fact which does not sit well with the fiercely independent colonists and Merchant Service spacers, who perceive Intrepid's presence as “overly paternal”. Understandably, relations between both sides are far from cordial, but when disaster strikes, and the fate of the colony hangs in the balance, both sides must struggle to put aside their differences if they are to survive.

Primary cast[]

  • Yanis Caed (played by Lucy Faria-Cook)
  • Matthew Cole (played by Steve Pasqua)
  • Joseph Garren (played by Gordon Dickson)
  • Richard Garren (played by Mike Cugley)
  • Daniel Hunter (played by Nick Cook)
  • Jago Merik (played by Steve Hammond)
  • Jacen Navar (played by Alan Christison)
  • S'Ceris (played by David Reid)
  • Aaron Prentice (played by Alan Score)

Special guest star[]

  • Communications Officer Lorraine Kelly - L K Today - GMTV - I T V.


"This is a civilian operation!"
Richard Garren to Matthew Cole

"There is a world of difference between pushing buttons and flying, Mister Hunter."
Talath to Daniel Hunter

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