"Hijinx" (or Star Trek: Hijinx) was the fifth spin-off of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and fourth spin-off of the third season. It originally stood on its own until it was integrated into Star Trek: Phoenix-X in August 2014. The story focuses on the crew of the USS Hijinx. It was written in 2003, and is not yet completed.

Posting guide[edit | edit source]

Spin-off 5 Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Link
Spin-off 5A 2003 PNX077_O005NA While playing a game of hover ball the Hijinx stumbles into a fleet of Reman ships. [1]
Spin-off 5B 2003 PNX077_O005NB The Hijinx takes on the fleet using Commander Andrea Reynolds' Betazoid telepathic abilities. When the hostilities are stopped, they discover the Remans are intend to attack the Turismos and steal their technology. [2]
Spin-off 5C 2003 PNX077_O005NC The crew debate getting involved with the Reman and Turismo conflict. [3]
Spin-off 5D 2003 PNX077_O005ND The Hijinx helps defeat the Remans. [4]
Spin-off 5E 2003 PNX077_O005NE Reynolds nearly receives a promotion, but that is halted when Cloud discovers she broke the Prime Directive. He orders the Hijinx back to Starbase 55 for a refit. [5]
Spin-off 5F 2003 PNX077_O005NF In the Sol system, the Hijinx assists the USS Crucial and the USS Kitana in stopping a Gordarion egg-ship from experimenting on Saturn's rings. [6]
Spin-off 5G 2014-09-06 PNX077_O005NG The Hijinx puts a stop to the egg-ship and reverts Saturn's transformations, but is pulled into the Borg-infested universe. While there, the Hijinx is destroyed and its crew assimilated. The crew isn't revived until ten years later by that universe's Phoenix-X. [7]

Background information[edit | edit source]

  • The fanfic started off in forums until being backed up on a webpage.
  • The crew of the Hijinx would next have a story devoted to them in the Season 5 episode "Teaching the Next Generation".

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