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The seal of the Hirazi Coalition

The Hirazi Coalition was the alliance of Zuo'Hiraz and many of their subjugated races they ruled over in the former Hirazi League. (Star Trek: Distant Shores)

Most of the members of the Hirazi Coalition are former members of the Hirazi League. It was founded in the year 6300RB, It was a harsh imperial regime that repressed the non-Hirazi members as second class citizens legally able to work only in labor intensive jobs such as mining and industrial and farm labor. The member races revolted and the Hirazi Coalition was formed on the basis of equality of all member races. The Hirazi's harsh policy on alien races was a result of a brutal attack in the year 6800RB.

Members are former members of the Hirazi League. Zuo’Hiraz and its colonies maintained the name Hirazi League.


Founding Members:

  • Hirazi League
  • Brenjen Republic
  • Altraksee Confederation
  • Uoustran Axis
  • Napmillion Alliance *- breakaway republic of former Uoustran Axis colonies
  • Treen Diaspora
  • Zaupsket Cooperative
  • Vacski Kingdom

Assosciate Members:

  • Driktuhg Hegemony
  • Sivivtwa Republic
  • Bilattoss Primacy
  • Zudtla Republic
  • Szaszhea Federation
  • Rizbilan League
  • Cotbuz Dominion
  • Wocklriz Uniion
  • Frithniz Cooperative
  • Owhfzib Kingdom
  • Xothitu Republic
  • Quntipwrd Kingdom
  • Kovre Federation
  • Jepunt Dominion
  • Aabuzad Federation
  • Gisler Dominion
  • Hienprint Republic
  • Luttran Hegemony
  • Prenjhbin League
  • Neembvwa Union
  • Ttfhribitan Kingdom
  • Mwazma Republic
  • Gavdsuend League

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