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Holly Bednar is responsible for all HR-related matters, to include casting of actors for various film projects, as well as recruiting for key crew positions of those that work behind the scenes.

Her career until this point had focused on a health management theme. Holly spent several years as an HR Manager for a Home Health organization in the Seattle area (a job that prepared her for the position she holds currently with Farragut Films). In that position, she gained valuable skills and experience in writing and implementing human resource policies including: recruiting, hiring, incentive programs, staff retention, benefits administration, training, and quality management. She also spent a total of nine years as a multi-site clinic manager for a national, non-profit, women’s health organization, overseeing daily operations, budget administration, staffing, health education, and program development.

More recently, Holly was an Executive Director for a community theater where she managed the day-to-day operations, networked with community leaders, and made valuable contacts in the stage-acting arena, some of whom have performed in the Starship Farragut project.

In addition to performing duties as HR Director for Farragut Films, Holly also acts in the role of Engineer Smithfield on Starship Farragut, which is an enjoyable, creative outlet for her.

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