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Co-existence in same reality not implied. The Cantabrian and Prometheus timelines are parallel realities to each other.

HOLIE (short for Holographic On-Line Interactive Encyclopedia) was an experimental informational hologram that has been described as the computer database given physical form.

Mark IEdit

The original HOLIE program was first installed aboard the USS Cantabrian as a part of her refit at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2372. and was described, by Captain Noah Wrightson, as "the embodiment of the ship's computer with a personality template".

This verison of the program hologram was confined to a platform on the bridge and took the form of a woman in Starfleet support services uniform. Unlike the Emergency Medical Holographic program, HOLIE was programmed with pupil-less eyes and porcelain-white skin.

HOLIE could be switched from information mode to full integration mode. In information mode, she could only provide information; in integration mode, she could control main ship functions. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")

HOLIE suffered a massive systems failure a few days later during a battle in which the system had to be disabled her with a phaser thereby destroying the HOLIE system. Starfleet deemed the HOLIE program unsuccessful and removed her from the Cantabrian shortly thereafter. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part Two")

Mark IIEdit

The failure of the Mark I version of HOLIE did not stop Dr. Lewis Zimmerman from developing the program into a useful tool. After conferring with several of the crew from the USS Cantabrian regarding their comfort level about the program’s integration level with ship’s systems Dr. Zimmerman began conferring with his team and engineers and holographic specialists at different postings throughout the Federation.

By 2378, Lieutenant Commander Durgan Morlon of the USS Prometheus was a key part of the team conferring with Dr. Lewis Zimmerman on the development of an updated version of the HOLIE program.

By 2379, Lieutenant Commander Morlon had received a copy of the Mark II HOLIE program from Dr. Zimmerman to test onboard the Prometheus. This version was not capable of integration mode like the previous version of the program. This version of the program was in essence the ship’s database given physical form and the standard computer personality template and was intended for use by those who would rather have face to face access to the computer’s database than voice or console interaction. As the Mark II HOLIE was simply an interface to the computer and not a full fledged hologram like the ship's other holographic crewmembers, Emmie and Lou, it was treated the same as the computer instead of being treated like a full fledged member of the crew.(Star Trek: Prometheus: "Armageddon")

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