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"Hopeless - Part 2" was the twelfth episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik. When originally wrote, this was the first episode to break away from the usual length of the episodes, previously limited to approximately ten pages. This was also the first episode to reveal the initial Section 31 subplot, expanded slightly upon shortly after in the episode "Eternal Nightmare".


The subspace tear is preventing any ship from leaving, and is in fact drawing all ships towards it. Knowing only one way to seal such a tear, Captain Harriman orders one of the Dragon's warp cores ejected and detonated near the tear. It is successfully sealed, and the Hintaru fleet escapes, however the Dragon appears to be lost. With over 70% of the Hintaru fleet destroyed, High-Admiral Piarn retreats the fleet back to the defense base.

The Dragon, however, was in fact caught in a satellite subspace tear, and became trapped within the subspace realm itself. Lieutenant Commander Halkrat is the only senior officer conscious, and despite repairs to the ship, most of the ships systems remain inoperative, including sensors and several medical devices necessary to heal injured crew members. Lieutenant Ada Marquet is among the injured, and Halkrat begins to admit feelings for her to himself. Captain Harriman regains consciousness.

While the Hintaru fleet prepares to make a stand at the defense base, another vessel is spotted within subspace near the Dragon. They are shocked to find that it is a Federation Galaxy-class starship, the USS Frontier, a ship thought to have been lost for two years. Two-way communications are established, and Captain Harriman is surprised to see two old friends from the first USS Dragon, Lieutenant-Commander Charley McKariant and Lieutenant R'Sharn.

The Frontier was apparently stranded in Subspace the entire time. Most of the crew has died for various reasons, and most of the ships systems have degraded beyond repair under the unusual circumstances. The remainder of the Frontier's crew is brought aboard the Dragon. During the two years in subspace, McKariant and R'Sharn had devised a way to return to normal space, but the necessary systems aboard the Frontier had been destroyed long ago. Thankfully the Dragon was able to use the method and return to the Kalium Galaxy.

When the Dragon emerges into normal space, the remainder of the Vorkalai fleet passes by, in full retreat from the defense base. Captain Harriman learns that they were able to fend off the Vorkalai there, but fear another massive fleet will likely begin forming. With the Hintaru fleet reduced so greatly, they fear the end of the war is not far.

While the fleet begins picking up pieces, Harriman reveals to Commander Caft, McKariant, R'Sharn, and Halkrat his unfortunate dealings with Section 31.

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