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The Horizon Project was a propulsion based research and development project conducted by Starfleet during the 24th century. (Star Trek: Far Horizons)


The project's objective was to develop a folded space drive, which the scientists working on the project affectionally called a "jump drive". Admiral Thadius Rutledge of the Starfleet Fourth Fleet was placed in charge of the project in 2381, shortly after the start of the Coalition War. In 2382, after the drive had been successful tested with inanimate objects and in simulations, he requisitioned the USS Horizon to begin field tests. ("Horizon")

Project timelineEdit



  • Admiral Rutledge was placed in charge of the project.
  • Rutledge shared the classified research notes from Dr. Philip J. Eyota with Dr. Burton and Dr. Haye.
  • Rutledge relocated the project base to the Jupiter Shipyards.
  • The engine was nicknamed "Jump Drive" by the scientists working on it (in honor of The Eyota Theories), the name is kept.
  • Primary tests were preformed with animate objects. The tests were successful.


  • Further tests were preformed, increasing the distance of the jump. The tests were successful.
  • Starship simulations were preformed on the holodeck. The simulations proved to be successful.
  • Rutledge approached Starfleet Command for a ship to test the new drive on. His request is denied by Admiral Dustin McCloud.
  • Rutledge request the a ship a second time, this time doing it in person. McCloud continues to deny his request.
  • Admiral Anton comes to the meeting and Rutledge received his approval.
  • An Emperor-class starship already under construction was reallocated to the Horizon Project. Rutledge signed the starship into the official Starfleet ship registry as the USS Horizon (NCC-91901).


  • First test flight was launched. ("Jump")
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