For the prime universe counterpart, see Hoshi Sato.
Hoshi Sato
Hoshi Sato (mirror).png
Hoshi Sato (2155)
Actor: Linda Park
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Born: 2129
Affiliation: Terran Empire, Imperial Starfleet
Title: Communications officer, Empress of the Terran Empire
Stationed: ISS Enterprise, USS Defiant
Rank: Lieutenant
Mother: Mrs. Sato
Father: Mr. Sato
Hoshi Sato, mirror Empress.png
Empress Hoshi Sato on the bridge of the USS Defiant

In the mirror universe, Hoshi Sato I was a Terran female who became Empress of the Terran Empire and matriarch of the Sato Dynasty, which would rule the Terran Empire until Hoshi Sato III was killed by Spock, who assumed the Imperial throne, in 2277. Before then, she served as communications officer of ISS Enterprise (NX-01). (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly"; ENT - Age of the Empress; TOS novel:The Sorrows of Empire)

Fanon continuities[edit | edit source]

Before In a Mirror, Darkly[edit | edit source]

Lieutenant Sato was already captain's woman by January 23rd 2153. She also handled communications between the Vissian starship and the ISS Intrepid.(Before In a Mirror, Darkly: Cogenitor)

Sato was one of the few members of Enterprise's senior staff that had any real social interaction with Chef, alongside First Officer Archer and Doctor Phlox. (Before In a Mirror, Darkly: Interlude)

After Enterprise returned to Earth following a surprise Xindi attack, on the planet, Sato stayed at Starfleet Command alongside Captain Forrest, Archer, and Phlox. She had concerns that if Phlox left the building he'd fall victim to a xenophobic attack. (Before In a Mirror, Darkly: A Crisis on Earth)

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