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House Ki'RK pronounced "Key Rock" was founded by Epetai Qo'Jev and Khon Kijo, Head Military Fleet Imperial Commander for The Cha'ouw Empire. It is the leading Imperial House of the Cha'ouw Empire responsible for the protection of the home world Cha'ouw and the expanded imperial space. There are many members of the house with both well known and or mysterious pasts. While there are many stories of a K'Jam'S listed as a leader of the Chal people, it is a little known fact that this was a cover story in order to protect the true heir of the Cha'ouwain Empire. In researching de-classified achieves from the "Dark Fire" Directorate it becomes clear that K'Jam"S was listed as a member of House Ki'RK, but also listed as a twin who supposedly was killed during a raid by space pirates on a construction station listed only as Hades VI. All this may have been nothing more than counter intelligence to provide cover stories for agents infiltrating both Star Fleet, The Klingon Empire and the Romulan Empire during the years of distrust.

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