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"Howl" is a special episode of Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions, set during the fan fiction-based Star Trek: Unity crossover.

Teaser synopsis[]

A stand-alone episode as a part of the fan fiction-based Star Trek: Unity project. Milami Thall must face her demons when she comes face-to-face with the prospect of going home. But will she and her crewmates aboard the Determination, sent to New Bolarus on a diplomatic mission, survive?

Background notes[]

  • This episode is part of the Star Trek: Unity project, a web-based project designed to celebrate Star Trek's 35th anniversary. It took a common enemy -- the Vendoth -- and pitted crews across time, space and dimensions to save the Federation against their invasion.


Ahlatrea; battle bridge; Bolian; Bolian Isolationist Movement; Borg; Bourget, Marie; Cantabrian-A, USS; Determination, USS; disruptor; Earth; Excalibur, USS; Fearless, USS; Fernandes, Antonio; Greene, John; Hanej Gateway; HEIDI; hyperzine; Izvornikova; Jonar, Tawana; Kaartali; Latralis; Lawless, Brendon; McCaffrey, USS; Merchokan; Morgan, Samuel; M'Tar; Napean; Narkona, Rils; Nausicaan; New Bolarus; Oh, Lisa; Parks, Raphael; Peacekeeper, USS; Pela, Akeras; phaser; phaser rifle; Pilmarian Union of Planets; Prospect-A, USS; pulmonary support unit; quantum torpedo; Radke, Daniel; Retas; Rutledge, USS; Senegal; shield generator; Singh, Elizabeth; Starfleet Academy; Steranmian; Steranmio Alliance; Steranmio Defence Ministry; Steranmio homeworld; Steranmio scout ship; Thall, Eleia; Thall, Fe'Mek; Thall, Fe'ran; Thall, Ghikadi; Thall, Ikani; Thall, Milami; Thall, Saquia; Thall, Sileia; Thall, Sileon; Thall, Tariel; thoron; thoron generator; tricorder; United Federation of Planets; Unnamed USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705-A) personnel; Vehayz Ca'l; Vendoth; Vendoth scout ship; Vulcan; Wrightson, Noah; Yh'ahni

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