Hur'q was the name given by the Klingons to a species from the Gamma Quadrant who invaded Qo'noS in the 14th century CE. They plundered the fledgling Klingon Empire and took with them many artifacts, including the Sword of Kahless. The word hur'q came to mean "outsider" in the Klingon language. (DS9: "Sword of Kahless")

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In 2410, the Hur'q awoke from another hibernation cycle, still driven mad with hunger to consume everything. They were targets of the Tzenkethi, who sought to annihilate them all. (Star Trek Online)

When Captain Menchez teamed up with First Kurok'Tekan to track a Hur'q signal, they discovered an isolated colony among a cluster of asteroids, where those Hur'q were not driven mad by hunger. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "For the Dominion!")

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