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The IJN Eidolon (ex-IKV B'Channah, later IKV Eidolon) was a zombie-infested ship found in the Scovion Nebula. As a Romulan convoy crossed through the Nebula, her crew was infected and broadcasted a Code 7-10. The only ship in range to investigate was the RIS Bouteina. (RIS Bouteina: "Eidolon")


The IKV B'Channah was completed in the Kareli Space Yards around the year 2303, although its keel was laid down before 2293. In 2342, an away mission that went awry brought a bacteria that gave her crew a much longer lifespan, but at the cost of both their sanity and gangrene. They realized that Klingon medicine was powerless to help them. Her captain renamed the ship to the IJN Eidolon and started looting ships on their Romulan border. However, over the years, they have started going further from Klingon space, having looted replicators and other equipment, but no weapons, in the meantime. Forty years later, the majority of her crew was killed in 2384 when receiving the cure.

She was the only ship of her class to survive the Dominion War until her class was recommissioned as prison ships. When she was recommissioned as a prison ship, she became the lead ship of the Eidolon-class. ("Eidolon (Bouteina episode)")

Known crew[]