The IKS Bochnah was a B'rel-class Klingon Defense Force warbird involved in an officer exchange program with the USS Phoenix-X in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2378, the Bochnah was attacked by a Borg cube until their only changeling crewmen, Shoon, was abducted. Soon after, the Bochnah ended the Klingon-Federation exchange program. Separately, the Bochnah assisted the Phoenix-X in luring the Borg to the Onnicon homeworld in order to get Shoon back. The Borg were quick to realize the uselessness of the Onnicon to their collective consciousness after a handful of Onnicon were assimilated, and left back towards their previous destination. ("Destiny's Revenge, Part I")

The vessel underwent crippling damage after a fire fight with a Reman vessel in 2380. It was so beyond repair that it was decommissioned by General Verticon, who handed over a new ship for the crew, the IKS B'Cnah. When the crew moved over to the B'Cnah, they used that vessel to destroy the Bochnah. ("Forged in Something")


Command crewEdit

Additional crewEdit

Klingon Defense Force personnelEdit

Starfleet personnelEdit

  • Keyla (2374-2380)
  • Joe (2374-2380)
  • Alegra (2374-2380)
  • Morris (2374-2380)
  • Jessica (2374-2380)
  • Housto (2374-2380)


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  • Shoon was the changeling second-half of Shane, both of which, as one entity, were one of the hundred sent out by the Founders.
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