Star Trek Expanded Universe
For the primary universe counterpart, see UFS Arcadia.
Name: ISS Arcadia
Registry: IVQ-A1
Affiliation: Imperial Union of Planets
Navy: Imperial Starfleet
Type: warship
Class: Quantum
Status: destroyed (late 2385)

The ISS Arcadia was the mirror universe counterpart of the UFS Arcadia and the Empire's first Quantum-class warship, built circa 2380. Agents of "Shado", a clandestine organization acting under direction of Lord Stephen April, obtained the designs from the parallel universe of the Federation. April supervised the ship's construction and personally introduced many internal design variances.

Although designated Quantum-class, the structural and design similarities to Starfleet's version were limited to the overall appearance. The ISS Arcadia featured thicker armor plating, different hull geometry and more extensive weapons arrays, as well as a "quantum cannon", a weapon of great destructive power, in place of the main navigational deflector. Internally, the ship carried enhanced security systems, an expansive fighter bay, and every deck had an agony booth.

April used the Arcadia as his personal command platform in his role as an imperial executor, until its destruction in late 2385 over Romulus. (Star Trek: New Empire)

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