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"I Ain't Callin' You a Truther" (or "Lies! All Lies!: I Ain't Callin' You a Truther") was the fourth "Trek BBS" episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the fourth Star Trek: Phoenix-X entry for the fan fiction contest entries every two months on the Trek BBS message boards.


A confrontation with Krane from the Galor-class Roltekk leads to the revelation both ships' intel was fabricated by Horace T. Mudd.


"These 'metal men' are to be investigated by the Federation, and likely dismantled in accordance with the ban. Because who could prove that an Android is sentient? Who would ever take the time for such a stimulating and engaging court room spectacle?"
Commander Night Seifer


Background information[]

  • The title "I Ain't Callin' You a Truther" is a reference to a line of dialogue from Drake & Josh. [1]

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