Ilyana was an Hydran officer who served on the RIS Bouteina in the late 24th century.

History[edit | edit source]

She initially served as an engineering cadet, but, after leading a mission to recover the "horseless carriage" from the planet of the Were-Hawks, she was transferred to security instead, after which she was promoted to the rank of Cornet. She still remained at the service of the High Priestess of Evacuation afterwards. (RIS Bouteina)

She was also known to be an alcoholic and she was intoxicated twice after drinking massive doses of Duff beer and mead. (RIS Bouteina: "Redshirt Computer")

By 2430, she was a Third admiral with her flagship being the HMS Vosteage. She was the game master of a Massacre à l'Alcool campaign, whose aim was to lead a player-named faction to victory against the Pandemonium Empire. And she was also known among Hydrans as a ventriloquist. (Star Trek: United Federation of Munchkin Amazons)

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