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"Immortal Coil" (or Star Trek: Immortal Coil) was the seventh spin-off of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and sixth spin-off of the third season. It originally stood on its own until it was integrated into Star Trek: Phoenix-X in August 2014. The story focuses on the crew of the USS Mercedes and their transfer to the USS Blade. It was written in 2004, and is not yet completed.

The fiction was based in action with an attempt to include a wide range of alien species. The story involved the non-canon supernatural tentacle species, the Sleri, in the late 24th century.


Captain Sith of the USS Mercedes is infected by an alien vine parasite brought from the Gamma Quadrant by an Hirogen named Marox.

Posting guide[]

Spin-off 7 Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Link
Spin-off 7A 2004 PNX086_O007NA On planet Vulcan, a strange vine -creature attacks a group of Vulcan engineers. [1]
Spin-off 7B 2004 PNX086_O007NB The USS Mercedes and the IKS Teteken take on a Borg cube. Sith discovers there is something medically wrong with him. [2]
Spin-off 7C 2004 PNX086_O007NC Sith encounters a rogue Hirogen named Matrox while under medical observation at Starbase 78. [3]
Spin-off 7D 2004 PNX086_O007ND The Mercedes battles with the Reman starships Nicevon and Porena at an ice asteroid field. [4]
Spin-off 7E 2004 PNX086_O007NE Matrox takes over the Ferengi vessel Sekel. Meanwhile, Nex, a Ferengi, tries to lead Sith to someone who can help with his vine problem, turning out to be the Sekel. Matrox admits he brought the vine creature to the Alpha Quadrant. [5]
Spin-off 7F 2004 PNX086_O007NF The Mercedes follows an Undine Nicor-class bioship into Qo'noS. [6]
Spin-off 7G 2004 PNX086_O007NG Sith is tasked to a fight in a battle arena on Qo'noS, with Yavita, an El-Aurian, to get answers. Sith and his crew then transfer to the USS Blade. [7]
Spin-off 7H 2004 PNX086_O007NH The Blade encounters a giant slithering space creature but are attacked by two Breen ships working with the Nicevon. [8]


Background information[]

  • The story started out on forums until being backed up on a webpage.
  • Ships described in story were written in full capital letters. This was corrected to capitalized case in December 2016.
  • The chatfic format is based on early episodes of Star Trek: Phoenix-X.
  • Captain Sith's last chronological appearance was in "The Recruited" where he was ranked as Commander. "The Recruited" was written after "Immortal Coil".

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