The Imperial Klingon States (sometimes abbreviated IKS) were a splinter group offshoot of the Klingon Empire formed during the Four Years War of the 2250s, after a failed coup d'etat within the Empire. The IKS primarily held territory in and around the Triangle. Due to its location and various political circumstances, the IKS was not reabsorbed into the Klingon Empire, and remained an independant entity until at least the 2360s. (FASA)

After the Khitomer Accords, the first step towards the Alliance, were signed with the Federation, "defection" from the Empire to the IKS increased dramatically. For the most part, the IKS was made up of Klingons that disliked the new peace treaty and alliance with the Federation. (FASA,Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

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