Summary[edit | edit source]

Section 31 makes another attempt at Julian Bashir. This time, Patrick Ingrum attempts to stop them.

Log Entries[edit | edit source]

Captain's log, Stardate 53006.5: We have finished an astrometric scan of the area and are currently analyzing the results. In the past couple of weeks, our search has been getting quite a bit harder.
Captain's personal log, Stardate 53009.2: Baldwin has arrived at Deep Space Nine. The events over the past few days has lead me to believe that Section 31 is much more of a danger than I realized, and must be kept in check. The only question is, how do you keep in check an organization that has worked in shadow for centuries?

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This story is a continuation of Shadow Justice.
  • Patrick is once again held hostage by the enemy.
  • Sara Jackson is introduced, killed, and resurrected. She would become Baldwin's JAG.
  • Katia Leigh is also introduced. She also appears in "Home" and "Ronax"
  • The title is a reference to the 1978 album by the band Journey

References[edit | edit source]

Allison, Sarah; Bennett, Laura; Bashir, Julian; bogey; Bratney, Neil; Deep Space 9; Ingrum, Patrick; Interphase cloaking device; Jackson, Sara; Leigh, Katia; USS Neosho; USS Pueblo; Rabb, Harmon; Ramesy, Andrew; Section 31; Sloan, Luther; USS Wasp;

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  • Infinity Full text of the story, on the author's website.
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