An interceptor was a type of starship in the inventory of most galactic supergovernments, including the United Federation of Planets. In practice, though, interceptors were just larger perimeter action ships (compared to, e.g., Akyazi-class).

As such, their mission profiles were high-warp military engagements. However, their larger size permitted longer mission durations and larger crews, comparable to that of the Dupleix-class prototype larger perimeter action ship of the 2290s.

Examples of this type of vessel in the United Federation of Planets Starfleet inventory included the Daredevil- and Albireo-type interceptors (Orion Press) developed before the Organian Treaty and the Catchon-class interceptors that first entered service ca. 2275.

Chekov's Enterprise described the USS Daredevil as an intelligence-gathering scout, which may have been one of many mission profiles for interceptors.

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