Internal affairs!

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The crew is paid a visit by Internal Affairs. Elsewhere Calok and L'mar search for the Beast. Meanwhile Tolleson and Rodney Brickenhouser plot the downfall of President Korvin Mot.

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"There is still hope for you yet, Major Kovok."
— Centurion Avin to Kovok after meeting him.

"The world is shrouded in darkness. It’s name shall not be spoke, doing so would only provoke it."
"Really? But the deeds he has performed are great!?"
"The deeds have been heinous blasphemies on the sanctity of life."
"Think of it, though. Deeds, terrible or great, are a matter of opinion. What I really care about is the power he has."
"That is all you care for."
— A disembodied voice speaks with Tyson Calok about the Beast.

"The damn scalys advance, and what do we do? We fall back. Lose ground! This war, Ben... damn it, I never thought it would last this long."
"Things rarely go as planned , sir."
— Truman and Kelsoe discuss the war.

"Ba’gee smiles upon us."
— Colonel Ba'dal

"And what will my role be in this new world?"
"Something well deserving for your services rendered. It will be well worth the wait, I assure you."
— Brickenhouser and Tolleson discussing Section 31's future plans.

"Was that necessary? We still could have had soldiers aboard."
"If we did, they were not worth of saving."
— L'mar and Calok after Calok ordered the destruction of a Coalition ship.

"Captain Kelsoe, you’re being placed into custody."
"On what charges?!"
— Smith placing Kelsoe under arrest.

"Better to admit ignorance than shame yourself with lies."
Da'note referring Val'gar's ignorance of Calok's tactics.

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