Iota Persei IV (also known as Jamison's World) was an Earth colony, and later a United Federation of Planets colony. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Last Night I Dreamed Somebody Loved Me"). It orbited Iota Persei, a main sequence dwarf star 34 light-years from Sol.

Iota Persei was in Sector 004 of the Alpha Quadrant. (Star Trek Star Charts)

In the 2040s, the SS Valencia, a DY-750 class generation ship containing a colony of Irish dissidents, was launched towards the Iota Persei system; the sublight voyage lasted nearly 90 years.

In 2122, Byrne Jamison (a son of Micah Brack) led a colonization mission on the SS Nottinghamshire, a modified warp-driven vessel, to Iota Persei IV, which arrived in 2133. Upon arrival, they found the Valencia had arrived a few months ahead of them. The two groups joined forces against a grounded Kzinti raiding party and destroyed them. A colony was established, and the planet was renamed Jamison's World.

Margaret Byrne Jamison was born to Finbar Byrne Jamison and Constance Joanne Mayo on Jamison's World in February of 2253.

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