"Sir, the Prophets put you on the path they did for a reason. I won't dare to presume I know what it was, but I do believe there was a plan."
Irim Valder to Tyria Sark (The War of the Masters: "A Good Compromise")

Irim Valder was a Bajoran male active as a Federation Starfleet medical officer in the early 25th century.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Irim Valder was born after the Occupation of Bajor ended. His parents died in a landslide, but Irim was rescued by the Bajoran Militia and raised in an orphanage attached to the Shikina Monastery in Ashalla. He would later refer to having been inspired to become a doctor by the Canticle of Kern Dara.

Irim later attended medical school at a Bajoran religious college as a Starfleet ROTC cadet.

This was stated by the author on the Arc Forums in response to a reader comment.

In March 2411 Irim held the rank of commander. He was assigned to the newly launched USS Black Prince to serve as chief medical officer for her first mission. Captain Tyria Sark ordered him to liaise with Captain Merdok of the hospital ship USS McCoy, and warned him not to step on his toes as she suspected the Benzite was still annoyed at being passed over for the commodoreship of the squadron.

From samples taken from a five-year-old Teplan boy named Fredegar, Irim discovered that the Teplan blight had mutated to overcome the Bashir vaccine. However, as a general practitioner he lacked the expertise to create a countermeasure, a job for which McCoy crew member Lieutenant Hantra Faz would volunteer. (The War of the Masters: "A Good Compromise")

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