Ariawan Arjuna Alvarez, D.O. -- nicknamed Iwan -- was a Federation Starfleet medical officer, of Indonesian and Filipino descent, on active duty in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Nearly a Valediction")

He was born to Dr. Javier Alvarez, a psychiatrist, and Dr. Lisa (née Sutomo) Alvarez, a neurosurgeon, in Ghazzat Hashim, one of the earliest settlements on Mars. His family moved back to Earth when Iwan was five years old, in 2285.

Unfortunately, the city they moved to was San Francisco, shortly before the so-called "Whalesong Crisis" (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home). While the Alvarezes and their four children all survived -- thanks to Starfleet Academy midshipmen who were pressed into service during the incident -- within a few months, the family moved to the East Coast of North America, to Long Island, New York. Both parents restarted their careers at Empire State Hospital Complex in New York City.

Alvarez was nicknamed "Triple A" in high school, both for his initials and for his hard-driving, ambitious personality. He was valedictorian of Riverhead Arcology High School in 2298. Among the colleges where he was accepted were University of Mars, Starfleet Academy, Archer University (which had a nearby campus in Stony Brook), and Stanford University. Ultimately, Alvarez chose Starfleet, and he graduated with honors from its College of Medicine in 2305.

Alvarez chose a residency in emergency medicine, which he undertook as an assistant medical officer (with the rank of lieutenant junior grade) aboard USS John F. Kennedy from 2305 through 2309.

On conclusion of his residency in 2309, Alvarez became a lieutenant aboard USS Avenger, commanded by Judith Waidlich.

Background informationEdit

Alvarez's familial connections to, respectively, Christine Alvarez of the Anti-Federation League (TOS novel: Errand of Fury trilogy: Demands of Honor); Dr. Eduardo Cortejo Alvarez, a former medical officer on USS Enterprise (TOS novel: Dreams of the Raven); and Captain Emilio Alvarez of the USS Farragut (Starship Farragut) are uncertain.

The respective ethnic backgrounds of the characters mentioned were never revealed.
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