Lieutenant Commander Jack Long is the Chief Conn Officer of the starship Independence. (Starship Independence)

Character description[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Born in the Asian Republic of China, where he was raised until he was 21 years old when his parents (both Starfleet officers) moved to San Francisco and continued their careers.

However, he did not pursue the Starfleet life until the day of the Breen attack on Earth. His father was on board the USS Lakota as Second Officer when his ship was sent to intercept the Breen. However, the Breen destroyed the Lakota with all hands lost. That prompted his decision to apply to join Starfleet. His initial application was rejected but was accepted on his second try. He attended flight school at the Academy, where he graduated 3rd in his class.

His mother, Elizabeth Long, was initially First Officer/Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the medical ship USS Nightingale, and later promoted to Captain on stardate 58976.87 by Admiral Chase of Starfleet Command.

When Captain Lindsey Williams was injured when the Nightingale was attacked by an unknown force, Commander Long took temporary command and destroyed the attacking ship, which was discovered later to belong to the Orion Syndicate. Because of Captain Williams's injury and for her actions, Commander Long was given command of the Nightingale.

Physical attributes[edit | edit source]

Personality & traits[edit | edit source]

Gets along with people fine, outgoing and willing to help other people in need. Can be reserved at times but comes out of his shell (so to speak) when he is approached with a problem.

Strengths & weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Able to follow orders given and not afraid to make suggestions if need be. And he can get distracted easily and has a tendency to forget things and sometimes needs to be reminded a lot.

Hobbies & interests[edit | edit source]

Likes to fly World War 2 fighter aircraft; Parrises Squares; bat'leth tournaments (First non-Klingon to make it to 3rd place in a recent tournament.) Also loves music, especially Mozart, and plays the flute.

Starfleet service[edit | edit source]

Summary record[edit | edit source]

His Starfleet record at this point is not extensive due to his joining the service at the relatively late age of 30. His first assignment was aboard the Intrepid, serving with Captain Breawyn Lem (who was then Chief Science Officer) before he transferred aboard the Independence.

On Stardate 60679, Jack Long was promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Captain Breawyn Lem for outstanding service to Starfleet and the Independence.

Executive officer's emendation, stardate 59076[edit | edit source]

Jack Long was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (junior grade) on stardate 59076 on the basis of his consistent performance. He has proven to be a reliable and dependable officer and continues to be an asset to the Independence.

Awards and decorations[edit | edit source]

SD 59218.5 - Starfleet Medal of Commendation for Valor

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