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Lieutenant Commander Jadon Tol served as the Chief Engineer of the USS Sutherland from 2371 through the end of the Dominion War. (Star Trek: Sutherland)

The fifth host of the Tol symbiote, Jadon is the first Tol host to serve in Starfleet. A light-hearted, good humored being, Tol and Commander Hobson have forged a strong friendship based on their service together aboard first the USS Livorno and then later on the Sutherland during the Klingon Civil War. His tendency towards practical jokes has occasionally caused problems for him as witnessed by the multiple reprimands on his permanent record which will probably bar him from any further career advances, a prospect which does not seem to upset the free spirited Tol.

USS SutherlandEdit

Played an important role in defeating the alien entity that had threatened the USS Sutherland as well as other shipping in the Bajoran Sector. (Shakedown Cruise) Participated in a barroom brawl at Quark's (Shoreleave).

Hobbies and other TalentsEdit

Practical jokes such as rigging the Sutherland's command chair causing it to squeak whenever Captain Shelby swiveled it. He also participated in Captain Shelby's practical joke on Commander Hobson by informing the Captain of when Hobson would be taking a water shower. The Captain then called an unannounced drill, resulting in Hobson rushing to the bridge wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Don’t feel bad, kid! It’s an easy mistake to make—and like I said, in about 9,999 times out of 10,000 it wouldn’t matter—it’s just that you never know when number 10,000’s going to roll around and bite you on the ass."

--Tol to one of his subordinates regarding calibrating the matter-anti-matter flux. (Shakedown Cruise)

"You know…" Tol smirked, "Rena—one of my prior hosts—knew this Deltan—they spent an entire week together on Risa…talk about your jamaharons to end all jamaharons."

--Tol talking with Commander Hobson about the anticipated arrival of the Sutherland's new Deltan Operations Officer, Anara Rysyl. (Shakedown Cruise)

“Not complaining…” A muffled voice came from beneath as the Trill looked up, his smile covered up by the ensign’s bosom.

--Jadon Tol to Ensign Angela 'Treasure' Barrows after the bare chested ensign landed on top of him after being knocked down off of the Klingon she had jumped on during a barroom brawl at Quark's (Shoreleave)

“But I don’t like it when my engines are off key,” Tol finished, his normal affable grin not hiding his intensity. “Especially when we have Klingons on the prowl.”

--Tol to Ensign Barrows (Unraveling Forceful Patterns)

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