Jake Marone was the Marine Commanding officer on Starbase 140. Originally the Security chief of the Starbase, he achieved in leadership during the shockwave incident of 2387. He also has Borg implants on both of his arms.

History Edit

Born, and raised in Tokyo Japan, he was raised by Japanese culture , and tradition. By 2362 he started to become a trouble maker. His father would help him in his skills of martial arts. In 2369 he enrolled in the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy where he excelled in hand to hand combat, and graduated in the Marine Corps Academy Top Fifteen Percent of Class.

The Dominion War Edit

In 2373 he graduated, and sent to the Vulacanis System where his ground forces were deployed for any Jem'Hadar ground forces should threaten the planet Vulcan. In 2374, he flew a fighter which he became an Ace in the First Battle of Vulcanis when he downed 8 Jem'Hadar fast attack ship. In the Second Battle of Vulcanis he would down 4 more before he was wounded, and crashed. He would see no action until 2375 when he participated in the Kalandra Campaign, and saw ground action in the Trenatha system. From there he participated in the Battle of the Three Suns, and the Liberation of Betazed.

The Borg Edit

In 2377, Jake would find himself stationed at Caldos III where the Federation were setting up a listening post when the Borg attacked. Jake was captured, and assimilated for 3 days on a Borg cube. The USS Ticonderoga would liberate him from the Borg as the only survivor. It wasn't until 2379 he was cleared back for service, but he would keep his limb implants as the damage was too extensive.

Cardassia relief Edit

In 2381 he was assigned with the Diplomatic Corps on Cardassia Prime. It was his efforts that exposed a continuing arms smuggling operation by the Orion Syndicate. In 2384 he was stationed on Deep Space 9 briefly as a logistics officer for the Alliance pullout from Cardassia.

Starbase 140 Edit

In 2386 he returned to the Beta Quadrant at Starbase 140 as Security chief. In 2397 the shockwave incident proved that his leadership abilities was well suited to take command of the 242nd Battalion.

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