Species: Trill
Gender: male
Title: commanding officer
Stationed: SD Raptor
Rank: Captain

James Gotens (more commonly referred as just James) was a Trill who was multi-universe-mixed, in that he was a primary universe host joined with a mirror universe symbiont. He commanded the SD Raptor until it was confiscated by the Terran Rebellion. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)

History[edit | edit source]

James[edit | edit source]

James was an unjoined Trill from the primary universe. In 2375, the Trill government selected him to host the supposedly dying Gotens symbtiont. But in reality, he was being tricked by the mirror Doctor Lox into becoming the host for the mirror Gotens symbiont. ("Pure Evil")

James Gotens[edit | edit source]

After James joined with the mirror Gotens symbiont, he took on its "evil" personality and escaped. Sometime on, or before 2377, he met Lex Seifer and talked her into trading her own symbiont for the primary universe Gotens (symbiont). The two quickly put their plans into action to steal Night Gotens' symbiont and replace it with the Seifer (symbiont). After the mission was completed, he and Lex escaped into the mirror universe by using an iso-star. ("Secret Shuttles, Part II")

In 2383, he had acquired a crew and a small ship. He returned to the primary universe to capture the USS Phoenix-X and bring it into the mirror universe to sell to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. His plan was thwarted by the suddenly sentient Seifer symbiont, and the Phoenix-X crew. His own ship and crew were taken prisoner by the Terran Rebellion, shortly before the Phoenix-X was returned to the primary universe. ("Mirrorlyness!")

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