For the "regular" universe counterpart, see James T. Kirk.
For the counterpart in the timeline created by Nero's incursion, see James T. Kirk (alternate reality).
For the counterpart in Star Trek: Phase II, see James T. Kirk (Phase II).
For the counterpart in the alternate mirror universe in Star Trek: Remington, see James T. Kirk (mirror) (Remington).
James Tiberius Kirk
The mirror Kirk
Actor: William Shatner
Species: human
Gender: male
Hair: brown
Affiliation: Terran Empire, Starfleet
Stationed: ISS Enterprise
Rank: Captain
CAPT (TOS).png
Green (TOS).png
Mirror Kirk
uniform normally worn by James T. Kirk (mirror)

The mirror universe version of James Tiberius Kirk served the Terran Empire as the Starfleet captain of the ISS Enterprise during the 2260s.

Kirk rose to power by assassinating Enterprise captain Christopher Pike and subsequently carrying out various brutal acts of violence against his and the Empire's enemies, like executing thousands of colonists at Vega IX. He also stole the Tantalus field, a weapon capable of vaporizing enemies from distance, which he used to help his rise to power.

During this time, Marlena Moreau, a sciences division lieutenant, was his "woman".

In 2267, mirror Kirk and his "normal" universe counterpart were swapped in a transporter accident, so unique that the duo, when rematerialized, even wore their counterparts' uniform. Spock, the Enterprise's first officer, discovered Kirk was in fact a duplicate and imprisoned him to return him to the correct universe. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")

Upon traveling to the mirror universe in 2370, Deep Space 9 personnel Kira Nerys and Julian Bashir discovered the mirror Kirk had been overthrown by the mirror Spock, who had gained control of Kirk's Tantalus field and persuaded Kirk's woman Moreau to help him change the Empire for the better. (DS9: "Crossover")

Fan continuitiesEdit

"The Final Days" ContinuityEdit

In this continuity, Spock was forced to get rid of Kirk in self-defense because he realized Kirk intended to have him killed. ("The Final Days")

Star Trek Continues Edit

Mirror Kirk STC

Kirk shortly after returning to his native universe.

Kirk rejected Spock's argument that letting the Halkans live would be profitable and carried out standard procedure of exterminating the population. This triggered a mutiny by Spock and a rebellion by the Andorians against the Empire. Kirk had tried to eliminate Spock with the Tantulus field but the device malfunctioned before completing the procedure. Kirk had a transporter technician tortured by McCoy to try to find out more.

An increasingly desperate Kirk eventually offered to negotiate terms with Spock. However, Kirk reneged on the agreement and tried to kill the first officer. In the process, he unknowingly broadcast his derogatory views of the crew to the whole ship on the intercom. Kirk was overthrown but allowed to live and leave on the Galileo with other undesirable crewmembers such as McCoy and Sulu. (Star Trek Continues: Fairest Of Them All)

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