Jasmine Phoenix, or "Jazz" as she was universally known, was a Starfleet starfighter pilot that flew with Banshee Squadron from 2370 to 2373. She died protecting her wingmates. Twice. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

History[edit | edit source]

Jazz Phoenix was the original wing commander of Banshee Squadron when the team was formed in 2370 just prior to the start of hostilities with the Dominion. She led her wingmates in several brilliant victories against superior Cardassian numbers during the early months of that conflict. Only a few short months later, however, during a particularly daring and dangerous raid deep into Cardassian territory, Jazz was separated from her squadron and surrounded by Jem'Hadar fighters. All contact was lost and she was presumed killed, although officially she is listed as "Missing". After her disappearance, command of Banshee Squadron fell to her XO, Lee Carter.

In actuality, Jazz was captured, and after a typically speedy and predictable Cardassian trial, was sentenced to life imprisonment on the penal planet Lazon II, deep within Cardassian Space. After the Cardassian Union fell into chaos following the Dominion War, Jazz took control of a small population of former inmates, and through her leadership, they managed to survive until 2385, when her former squadron, the Banshees, accidentally stumbled across them while conducting training missions in the Badlands. Jazz and several thousand former inmates were rescued.

Jazz rejoined the Banshees just in time to take part in the Second Mulluran War. At the Battle of Rostella, the Banshees destroyed and disabled several key Mulluran war vessels. Unfortunately, some Smelly Jelly stowed away in Jazz's starfighter, causing dangerous hallucinations. The Banshees were forced to make an emergency landing on Rostella IV, where they were attacked by a Jelly Brain and its minions. Jazz Phoenix sacrificed her life in order to give the other members of the team a chance to escape. She is buried under several million tons of solid rock, deep within the planet's dilithium mines.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jazz was a fearsome warrior, and had earned the admiration of her teammates and enemies alike. While she could be harsh at times, she always put the welfare of her teammates first, never risking their lives unnecessarily or in pursuit of foolish or unreasonable goals. Her wingmates were fiercely loyal to her, especially Maxine Vasser, who was her closest friend.

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