For the mirror universe counterpart, see Jason Brousseau (mirror).

Jason Brousseau was a 23rd century Starfleet officer.

Immediately after graduating from Starfleet Academy Brousseau was selected to participate in an exchange program with the Vulcans.  For five years, a group of twelve Humans (primarily from Earth) and twelve Vulcans participated in an exchange program.  The Humans lived on Vulcan and served on Vulcan ships. The Vulcans lived on

Earth and served on Human Federation vessels.  Early experiments such as this eventually led to the inclusion of Vulcans on many Human Starfleet vessels.

After the exchange program ended, Brousseau went on to serve as Chief Petty Officer on the Essex; then as Lieutenant Commander aboard the Excalibur; then as second in command aboard the Lexington, where he was awarded the Medal of Valor.

After some crafty maneuvering, Commodore Grissom acquired Brousseau as the XO on board the Dominion.

After Commodore Grissom's promotion to Rear Admiral and his posting at Starfleet Academy, Brousseau assumed command of the USS Dominion. (Dreadnought Dominion)

By the late 24th century, Brousseau had become a vice admiral. At this late point in his life, he had unpleasant dealings with the Erick Minard from the mirror universe. (Phantom)

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