For the mirror universe counterpart, see Jean-Luc Picard (mirror).

Jean-Luc Picard was a celebrated and well-respected Starfleet officer who served during the latter half of the 24th century, best known for his service as captain of the starships Stargazer, Enterprise-D and its successor, the Enterprise-E. In this role, he not only witnessed many of the major turning points of recent galactic history, but played a key role in them, from making first contact as captain of the Federation flagship, with no fewer than 27 alien species, including the Ferengi and the Borg, to becoming the chief contact point with the Q Continuum. Picard served as arbiter choosing the former leader of the Klingon Empire, Chancellor Gowron, and exposing the Romulan Star Empire as backers of his chief rivals, later aiding an underground movement of dissidents to gain a toehold on the Romulan homeworld. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


Picard continued to serve as captain of the Enterprise-E, the sixth starship to bear the name, until at least 2379. (Star Trek Nemesis)

In 2379, he lectured Seanna Jackie for abandoning her post. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Reloaded, Chapter 7") Later, he and Silillian Ambassador Nelane dismissed a visual distortion in space that turned out to be Lore's cloaked vessel. ("Resurrections")

In 2381, Picard was promoted to admiral and given command of the Odyssey-class USS Verity. (PIC novel: "The Last Best Hope", PIC comic: "Countdown")

In 2385, Picard resigned from Starfleet as an unsuccessful last ditch attempt to manifest a mothballed evacuation fleet for those affected by the upcoming Romulan supernova. He then retired to his family vineyard in France. (Star Trek: Picard)

In 2392, he temporarily assisted the USS Phoenix-X before returning home. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Devil's Leftovers)

In 2399, Picard assembled a small crew aboard the La Sirena to seek out the android Soji Asha. He helped her find her home colony Coppelius, unwittingly inviting the threat of a Romulan Zhat Vash fleet. Succumbing to Irumodic Syndrome, Picard died but his mind was transferred to an android body so that he could continue to live, but not before interacting with Data's consciousness, in an intermediate device, one more time. (Star Trek: Picard)

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