The Jem'Hadar battleship was a type of Dominion warship that was involved in the Dominion War.

It was one of the largest ships involved in the conflict at twice the size of the Federation's Galaxy-class starship. For months the existence of this ship was just rumour, until the USS Valiant confirmed its existence in late 2374. In possibly its first action of the war the battleship easily accounted for the Valiant, leaving only three survivors. (DS9: "Valiant")

Several of these vessels were present during the final battle of the conflict, the Battle of Cardassia. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")

The Jem'Hadar battleship had one weakness that could be exploited by shooting a phased plasma torpedo at the antimatter storage system's primary support braces. Plus, it had three times the firepower of a Stoneship-class dreadnought. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Generational Ghosts")

In the death count contained within the Lyran Starfleet's report on the Battle of Xita, it was mentioned that a Jem'Hadar battleship had a crew of 3,625. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Off Coverage")

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