For the mirror universe counterpart, see Jennifer Crossman (mirror).

Jennifer Crossman was an Engineering Ensign on the Enterprise, coming on board at the launch of the ship (In Between Days:Reversal).


Early LifeEdit

Jennifer, along with her twin, Claire, was born on April 14, 2030 (In Between Days:Reversal).

She attended school with Brooks Haynem, which was the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in Worcester, Massachusetts. The two of them, along with Chandler Masterson, Aidan MacKenzie, Meredith Porter, Joshua Rosen, José Torres, Elizabeth Cutler, Judy Kelly and Michael Rostov, were a part of a competition to develop an improved form of inertial dampers (In Between Days:Where No Gerbil Has Gone Before).


Jennifer was with the Enterprise from the very beginning. She worked in Engineering, often on first shift, and was considered second only to Charles Tucker III in terms of talent (In Between Days:Reversal).

She roomed with Lili O'Day after O'Day came on board in 2154.

First temporal dislocation due to a Kovaalan particle wakeEdit

When the Enterprise was first sent back to 2037, Jennifer found herself pursued more aggressively by Aidan MacKenzie, a fact that only sometimes pleased her. They married on August 31, 2038, after moving in together, in September of 2037 (In Between Days:Reflections Down a Corridor, In Between Days:Entanglements).

Second temporal dislocation due to a Kovaalan particle wakeEdit

During the second temporal displacement, Jennifer and Aidan got together a lot earlier, and married again, but in 2037 (In Between Days:Everybody Knows This is Nowhere).

Personal LifeEdit

She went on a blind date and met Frank Ramirez, who a friend had liked but did not think was her type. Jenny and Frank became engaged in 2157 (Reversal) and wed on August 31, 2159, on Oberon (In Between Days:Together).

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I know why you fell so hard, and so fast. It's 'cause, you just know."
— (In Between Days:Reversal)
"Do they write my name on a wall or something?"
— (In Between Days:Together)

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  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Jennifer Crossman is portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard.
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