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Jesse Erixon was an El-Aurian/human hybrid who served as executive officer of the USS Avalon in the late 24th century. He was the grandson of Terkim, and a cousin to Guinan.

Jesse's father was been among the refugees who fled when the Borg destroyed El-Auria in 2265; as a passenger on the Lakul, he was one of 47 survivors rescued by the USS Enterprise-B after an encounter with the Nexus. The elder Erixon soon settled into a new life on Earth, and married a human. Jesse was born from their union in 2296.

Many details of his first half-century are unknown, and he often provided contradictory stories about his past to either amuse or confuse others. It is known that he lived on Risa for a time, and by the 2350s he was considering a new course for his life.

His exact reasons for doing so remain obscure, but nonetheless he returned to Earth and entered Starfleet Academy. He attended the Academy from 2360 to 2364, assigned to Echo Squadron. During that time Jesse became close friends with his roommates, Russ Twining and Chad Patterson despite the great age difference between them.

Jesse steadily rose through the ranks, rising to the rank of Commander by the early 2380s. In 2384, he was assigned to the USS Avalon at the request of Captain Twining, replacing First Officer Mark Montgomery, who had been severely wounded in a Romulan attack.

He served aboard the Avalon until 2385 at least, eventually developing a romantic relationship with Security Chief Krista Bupp. (Star Trek: Pendragon)


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