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Jezra served as Tactical officer, as well as the Security chief, on the USS Striker. (Star Trek Crusader, Star Trek: Generation Fleet Forum)


Born in 2359 on Andoria, she spent 16 years traveling with her Parents and on the freighter Akbaan. In 2376, she visited Earth, and became interested in applying to Starfleet Academy. Her parent rather she stay on the freighter as she was a part of the maintenance of the ship. In 2377, the Akbaan was attacked by several Orion Marauders. The ship was critically damaged. Her mother escaped in an escape pod, as well as herself. Her father died in the attack, and the Akbaan was destroyed. In 2380 she entered Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet service[]

Jezra graduated Starfleet Academy Valedictorian, and posted on the USS Nepal in 2384. She served as tactical officer. In 2387 she would transfer to the USS Striker (NCC-63420). In 2388 she would aide the recovery of Captain Candela Greene, Commander Teshurr, and Lieutenant Eric Kramer from an out of control Orion Syndicate transport.


Star Trek Crusader: Of Friends, or Foes

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