Jo Harris is the executive officer and science officer of the USS Exeter. (Starship Exeter)

Early life and career[edit | edit source]

Born in London, England on August 12, 2234, Jo Harris is the daughter of Starfleet Commodore James Harris. With both parents in Starfleet, Jo Harris moved to Starbase 4 at a young age and has subsequently spent most of her life away from Earth. During her youth, Harris' father served as first officer, and later as captain, of the USS Yorktown. She saw little of her father, but admired him greatly from afar.

Starfleet Academy years[edit | edit source]

An excellent student, she graduated with honors and was accepted immediately by Starfleet Academy. Jealous peers speculated that her quick admission was due to her father's influence. She has been trying for some time to outgrow this stigma with little success. She graduated Starfleet Academy in the year 2257 and assigned to the Hermes-class research vessel USS Carson.

The Republic missions[edit | edit source]

After two years aboard Carson, she was reassigned to the science section of the USS Republic. She served seven-and-a-half years aboard Republic as a lieutenant and later lieutenant commander.

The Exeter missions[edit | edit source]

Chief science officer Harris

Harris as part of Exeter's away team

After serving aboard the USS Republic in the sciences section, she was promoted to chief science officer and executive officer aboard the USS Exeter. This move has been the cause of some resentment toward her from Commander Paul Cutty who believed himself to be in line for the first officer's position. The situation has caused her to feel that she must continually prove herself to Cutty and Captain Garrovick.

Family and personal life[edit | edit source]

Jo Harris is the daughter of Starfleet Commodore James Harris.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Harris served with Lieutenant B'fuselek aboard the Starship Republic and has an ongoing friendship with the Andorian.

Memorable quotes[edit | edit source]

"We have already encountered it, captain. It is periodically uncloaking and making brief attacks on us. We are currently running with deflector screens up."
"The Savage Empire"

Chronology[edit | edit source]

  • 2234: Jo Harris is born
  • 2257: Graduates Starfleet Academy
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