Johann Astian was a the assistant chief medical officer aboard the USS Horizon (NCC-91901) since 2383. (Star Trek: Far Horizons)


Astian grew up on Meta, where he became fascinated with medicine at an early age.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Astian studied medicine at the Academy.

Assigned to Horizon ProjectEdit

In 2383, Dr. Kelly Saunders asked for Astian join the USS Horizon as her assistant chief medical officer.


While aboard the USS Horizon, Astian, along with the rest of the crew, became lost in an unknown part of space when the Horizon had to make a jump while under attack from Breen forces. During a series of uncontrolled jumps, as a result of the damage from the Breen attack and some unusual anomalies, all female crewmen disappeared. Astian was in the middle of a conversation with Dr. Saunders when this happened. Eventually repairs were made to the Horizon, and the ship appeared in the Treelan system, where the crew met a hospitable race. ("Jump", "Stranded")

Conglomeration attackEdit

While on PM45, Astian, Kelly Saunders, and Donald Hutchby, along with three other crewmen, were abducted by a hive ship of the Avkon Conglomeration. Astian was held in the same cell as Saunders and Hutch, during which two Alvonian soldiers entered and removed Astian. He was taken to a lab with three other crewmen. They placed them in a kind of stasis pod designed to preserve food. The pod rejected Astian and literately spit him out. After being placed back in the cell, Astian commented on how Metaklites might not be tasty to the Alvonians. ("Conglomeration")

Safe harborEdit

Along with the rest of the crew, Astian believed that they found a safe harbor when they encountered a mobile space station known as Sanctuary Outpost. Astian assisted Dr. Saunders when the medical staff moved injured crewmen over the medical facility aboard the outpost. He was the doctor on call when Lt. Commander Zachary Beltram was revived from his coma by the outpost's medical systems. ("Sanctuary")

Starfleet service recordEdit

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