Jolin Tabris was a male Trill, and a retired Federation Starfleet lieutenant who lived in the late 24th and early 25th centuries. (The War of the Masters)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Originally a Starfleet JAG officer, Jolin Tabris had reportedly once gotten then-Ensign Tyria Sark out of jail. He married Tyria in the early 2400s, and the couple had one daughter, Sameen, born in 2404. He retired from Starfleet after their daughter was born. ("A Good Compromise", "The Silence Ends")

In 2407 Tyria was offered early promotion to full commander and the first officer slot on the USS Warsaw. She discussed it with Jolin that evening, who agreed despite their shared reservations on her leaving him and Sameen. ("The Silence Ends")

By 2411 Jolin was employed as an attorney. In March, while he and Tyria were vacationing in Moash, he spoke of litigating a probate case against Perrick Gard, who had been illegally willed half the estate of Gard's previous host Kyros. Their vacation was interrupted when Tyria was called to the Starfleet satellite office in Leran Manev for an assignment into the Gamma Quadrant. ("A Good Compromise")

In 2412 Jolin and Sameen spoke with Tyria over subspace video comm as his wife's current command USS Black Prince arrived at Moab III. ("The Silence Ends")

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