Jonathan Hikaru Sulu , More commonly known as Jon Sulu, was the great-grandson of Hikaru Sulu and the Chief Flight Control Officer of the Federation starship Prometheus. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

Family[edit | edit source]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jonathan "Jon" Hikaru Sulu is a descendant of the famous Starfleet Captain Hikaru Sulu. In 2378, Jon was assigned to the Federation starship Prometheus as the Chief Flight Control Officer.

While at Starfleet Academy Jon shared quarters with a Tellarite known as Tarag.

By 2379, Jon had become romantically involved with fellow crew member, petty officer second class Celes Tal.

In 2381, Jon and Celes Tal were married in a shipboard ceremony officiated by Captain MacLeod in which Joshua Gunn served as the father of the bride for the ceremony.

On August 20th 2387, Tal gave birth to her and Jon's half Bajoran half Human son Edon Sulu, named for Tal's father.

Note(s)[edit | edit source]

In Star Trek: Prometheus, images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Jonathan Sulu is "played" by Daniel Dae Kim.

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