Jono in 2367.

Jono was a human raised as a Talarian. His birth name was Jeremiah Rossa.

Rossa was born to Connor and Moira Rossa on Galen IV in 2353. Four years later, in an attack during the Galen border conflicts, Rossa's parents were killed by Talarians. As per Talarian rights, Rossa was adopted by a Talarian named Endar, who welcomed him into his family like a son. He was integrated into Talarian society, renamed Jono, very much unaware of his fading human side.

In 2367, he and several Talarian youths were training on a Talarian starship when it became disabled. The Starfleet starship USS Enterprise-D rescued them. During his time aboard the Enterprise, Captain Jean-Luc Picard attempted to renew Jono's interest in his humanity, even going as far as to get him into contact with his paternal grandmother, Admiral Connaught Rossa.

Torn between his true identity and his adoptive culture, Jono lashed out, attempting to stab Picard, in an attempt to be put to death for his actions and end the dilemma. In the end, with the decision up to Jono, he chose to return with Endar to Talarian society. (TNG: "Suddenly Human")

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Ambassador Jono in 2386.

Jono rose through the ranks in the Talarian military and eventually became a respected commander. He opposed raids into Cardassia and the Demilitarized Zone in the 2370s.

After witnessing the horrors his adopted people had inflicted on the Cardassian and DMZ survivors, he sought to be a peacemaker.

While infiltrating Xe'na'zha in the Badlands in late 2385, Jono's life was saved by Benjamin Bartholomew. (PDN: "Above the Wrecks of Time")

In 2386, Jono became Talarian Ambassador to the Colonial Alliance, though he maintained his rank of Captain in the Talarian space fleet.

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In both his canonical appearance on TNG, and his "appearances by photomanipulation" in Star Trek: Pendragon, Jono was played by Chad Allen.

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