Lieutenant Joseph Carey was a Starfleet engineer in the 24th century. He was assigned as assistant chief engineer aboard the USS Voyager in 2371, and was with the ship when she was transported to the Delta Quadrant. He had a rocky relationship with his former-Maquis superior B'Elanna Torres, who once broke his nose. Carey was killed in 2377 during a mission to locate the Friendship One probe. He was survived by his wife and two sons. (VOY: "Parallax", "Friendship One", et. al)

Star Trek: PendragonEdit

Joe Carey was born on Danula II in 2338. One of his classmates at Starfleet Academy was Tim Barranco.

In the "Pendragon timeline," Starfleet never assigned Voyager to recover Friendship One. Lieutenant Carey returned to the Alpha Quadrant alive and well in late 2377 and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

In 2378, he was assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and worked on the Pendragon class Development Project.

In 2382, Lt. Commander Carey served as Chief Engineer during the shakedown cruise of the second Pendragon-class vessel, the USS Avalon. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Avalon")


According to the game Starship Creator, Carey was born on Danula II. Star Trek: Pendragon also references this.

Years before his role as Joe Carey, Josh Clark played an unnamed tactical officer on the USS Enterprise-D in TNG: "Justice". Even though the two roles were many years apart, it recognizably Clark. It is very possible that Carey may have served on the Enterprise-D earlier in his career.

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