For the fighter-size version of this vessel, see Peregrine-class.

The Ju'day-class light freighter dates from the early 24th century, and remained in serve in both official and private circles through the 2380s at least. During the 2370s, this class served as the most common type of Maquis Raider. One such raider was captained by Chakotay. The Maquis nicknamed them Condor-class ships. (VOY: "Repression", TNG: "Preemptive Strike", Star Trek: Pendragon, ST CCG)

The Ju'day class was designed by the same shipwrights that produced the Peregrine-class fighter, and in many respects is an upscaled version of that vessel. With a standard complement of six, and a large cargo bay, the Ju'day's internal configuration can be modified a number of ways, and is able to accommodate a crew of 36.

Though unarmed in its base configuration, the Maquis raider variety was updated with Type VIII phasers and usually a pair of photon torpedo tubes. (Adventure Gaming in the Star Trek Universe)

In the Pendragon timeline, the Colonial Alliance fleet was largely composed of Ju'day-class vessels and their Peregrine-class counterparts in the 2380s. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Above the Wrecks of Time", "Promised Land", Star Trek: Sons of Liberty)

The reliability and popularity of this class prompted Starfleet Intelligence to construct several of these vessels, which were modified and used as Q-ships (Star Trek: New Order)

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