Judaism is an Earth religion. It is one of the oldest monotheistic religions on Earth, and the oldest to survive to contemporary times. It is also considered a culture by many of its followers; as with many faiths, there were and are degrees to which its adherents adopted its tenets. There were also many differences in interpretations of its sacred writings, which led to divisions within the faith.

Judaism has its roots in the Middle East and the patriarch Abraham was its founder, c. 700 B.C.E.

As was the case with Christianity and Islam -- the other two Abrahamic faiths of Earth -- Judaism and its followers underwent a spiritual and cultural upheaval with the first contacts with extraterrestrial intelligent species such as the Vulcans and Centaurians in the mid-21st century. Such contacts fostered, in many ways, no less a crisis than the events of 1 May 2053, during World War III, where nuclear weapons were detonated above, near, or even in Middle Eastern cities considered sacred by all three faiths. (The Lost Era novel: The Sundered)

Hebron was an extrasolar colony founded by Jews who had left Earth in the 2040s. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station) Another was Eretz Tov, also 50 light-years from the Sol system but in a different direction. ("First Place")

Aboard Enterprise (NX-01) in the 2150s, Crewman Ethan Shapiro was helped by many of his non-Jewish shipmates in assembling a minyan for a kaddish after the death of a great-aunt. ("The Light")

On the 25th of Kislev in 2294, many officers of the Enterprise-B -- including Captain Pavel Chekov -- celebrated Chanukah in the ship's forward observation lounge. (Orion Press: Chekov's Enterprise)

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