Dr. Julian Brooke was a human historian, best known for his work on the ruins Andres Rae, as well as his research into the myths of old Earth. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In 2352, Julian's parents, Maxwell and Julienne Brooke, who had had trouble conceiving, adopted a six year old Benjamin Kelsoe from an orphanage in San Francisco. A year later, Julian was born. As they grew up to together, both Julian and Kelsoe found an interest in history. ("Question of Loyalty", "The Forgotten Planet")

In his doctorate, Julian wrote about the similarities the legends of a fountain of youth had in many different species throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. ("The Forgotten Planet")

In 2381, after Captain Benjamin Kelsoe discovered the Boolran artifact known as the Eye in the ruins of Andresia Raechia, the Federation Historical Society hired Dr. Lilly Adar to head the research of the ruins, looking for anything more that might shed some light on the mysteries surrounding the Oralian sector's history. She accepted the posting and went to work. Julian was quick to join her. ("The Ruins")

In 2383, Julian left his research on Andres Rae to help his brother uncover the mystery of the planet Yoth. ("The Forgotten Planet")

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