The Jupiter Shipyards was a key Starfleet starship construction and design facility in at least the 24th century. It has drydocks and space stations in orbit above the planet Jupiter, with the Jupiter Station located nearby. (Star Trek: Pioneer, Star Trek: Far Horizons)

The shipyard had been in operation since the early 2370s and was a popular development project site for prototype starships by both Admirals John Hayes and Harold Anton, as well as being a popular construction site during the Coalition War.

In 2375, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers stationed at the shipyard began development of the Emperor-class starship; their first ships came off the assembly line in 2380. In 2378, following the return of the USS Voyager (NCC-74656) from the Delta Quadrant, the team at the shipyard began development of the Covert-class starship; their first prototype came out in 2382. The Cosmos-class starship was also developed at the Jupiter Shipyards in 2379. ("For Better or Worse", "The Boolran Eye, Part 1", "The Teacher")

In 2382, the shipyard was selected to be the base from which the Horizon Project adapted the starship USS Horizon, already under construction, for the prototype jump drive. ("Horizon", "Jump")

Ships developed and/or built at Jupiter Shipyards[edit | edit source]

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